The Truth about Hillary Clinton

There are far too many examples of why Hillary Clinton should not be President. I, for one, used to be a big supporter of HRC and Bill Clinton. I voted for Bill twice. I believed the Clintons when they said that the Right was out to get them. And many times they were probably correct.

However, Hillary Clinton has cooked her own goose, it seems. The Republicans were not out to get her when The Clinton Foundation took money that affected her policies during her reign as Secretary of State. THAT was a big red flag for me. There were many other questions I’ve had, like, what would be the advantages of a separate email server?? What are you trying to hide?

I’ve decided to use this blog to collect the evidence that is very clear of the Clintons corruption, and therefore, why Hillary Clinton should not be President. I’ve decided to stop boring my friends who don’t like to read or are blind Hillary supporters, though I shake my head wondering why people don’t want the truth. So here is where this string will grow. Check back in for more updates.

11 Explosive Clinton Cash Facts Mainstream Media Confirm Are Accurate

Abby Martin’s Scathing Video Report about Hillary Clinton’s Corruption

The Email Server Stories –  -Why Did HRC put the Country at Risk by Having Her Own Email Server??

Clinton Foundation Charity Fraud

Hillary Clinton






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