Three Places to Check When Your WordPress Site is Not Working

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I have a WordPress site. I just had a great talk with tech support at my new webhosting service at GoDaddy. I initially started my website with them over a dozen years ago, but I didn’t like their sort of “website for dummies” barebones site builder. I wanted more control panel options. So I moved to other webhosts. I’ve tried all the other major ones, Hostgator, Siteground, and a hosted server at a place I forgot. have had the most frustrating experiences with tech support and website uptime. At Hostgator my websites were down for two days and I couldn’t reach tech support on the phone. My SEO told me that Siteground and Bluehost were going down so much that it was affecting my website standings.  This time I decided to stop messing around and gave GoDaddy another spin. I couldn’t be more happy. Their customer service and tech support help has been phenomenal and they changed their control panel with all the bells and whistles.

So, I had a great chat with the tech support guy (I’m sorry Mr. but I didn’t catch your name). I’m in the processing of moving over to GoDaddy but couldn’t get my WordPress sites to function on a test run. This is what he told me, quite jovially I might add. There are usually three places to look when the WordPress sites won’t function (WARNING: this is geek talk):

  1. In the PhpMyadmin area, make sure that your site URL and site Home are correct in the wp-options tab.
  2. Disable your plugins briefly by renaming them
  3. Disable the .htaccess file
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This pointed me in the right direction. This way, you can find your answer. Thanks GoDaddy.


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