The Scientists’ Truth About Vaccines

Mention your doubts about vaccines’ dangerous side effects and you’ll be sure to be shut down by pro-vaxxers. Have you done your research or do you blindly trust the holy doctor? They’ve been 100% right throughout history, right? So, you trust them completely, do you?


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Extremely Toxic Food Dyes Are Still Being Put in Your Food

I thought that this dye was banned decades ago, but interestingly it was not although the FDA tried many times. Watch the video or read the text below. Either way, we’re screwed. Is our government protecting us???


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hfcs ketchup, high fructose corn syrup ketchup

For Restaurants that Carry HFCS Ketchup

I’m amazed in this day and age that high-fructose corn syrup is allowed in our products. What stuns me even more is when I go to an organic restaurant that serves hfcs ketchup. Really? You just prepared a great, healthy meal and you don’t even notice that the bottle of ketchup you placed on my table is loaded with high-fructose corn syrup? Let’s talk GMO’s and obesity, shall we?


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How to Treat Cancer Naturally

As you know, I am into a healthy diet and I’ve always wondered how to treat cancer naturally. I came across this Youtube video recently that blew my mind. It’s called “The Science and Politics of Cancer” by author and speaker, G. Edward Griffin. This video took place in 2005 well before I had several friends die of cancer after going through the grueling and barbaric and immune-system-depressing medical establishment process. I wish I had seen this before then.


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Windows 8

How to Stop Windows 8 From Hibernating and Not Waking Up

I was tearing my hair out this month. After my tech guy cleaned all the spyware off my Windows 8 for some reason my PC would go to sleep and slumber off into a deep hibernation and I could not awake it. Seriously, it made me scream because the only thing I could do was to hold my off/on button until it shutdown and then I turned it on again. This of course, closed all of my programs and browser pages. Aaaaaargh!


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