Cancer Treatment

Life Extension has some very interesting information on how you can help suppress cancer, and how you can strengthen your immune system response of NK (natural killer)cells which are our immune system’s response to cancer. The more NK cells you have fighting, the better your survival.

There are several reports on this page, but what’s wonderful is that this organization will consult with you, if you need it. And hey, if you have cancer, you need it.

In several studies these three over-the-counter supplements/drugs were given to cancer patients about to undergo radiation or cancer surgery. The longterm survival rate was increased in those who took either of these:

  • Tagamet¬† (amazing that this drug used for stomach acid can help your immune system)
  • PSK ¬†(which is from a certain mushroom)
  • and Citrus Pectin

There are several more supplements listed that will help your immune system, but can you imagine what would happen if you armed yourself with these before or during cancer treatment?


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