Celery Juice Benefits – Juicing Works

Juicing works. Cucumber and Celery juice are not only very yummy, but have great benefits.

This is so true from Raw for Beauty:

Celery Juice Benefits Lowers Blood Pressure

Celery Juice Benefits Lowers Blood Pressure

Here’s a longer quote from Jacque Fresco:

“All people want to know about nutrition. So, let’s say the drug companies were really sincere, and they found out that celery juice lowers blood pressure. You can’t make any money selling celery juice, could you? But you can get two bucks for every pill you sell. There was a book written many years ago. I’d also like to know how many people ever heard of it: ‘A Hundred Million Guinea Pigs’. How many of you have heard of that book? It should have been in every library. It’s not. What did ‘A Hundred Million Guinea Pigs’ talk about? The lies put out by the drug companies. The people of America… (it was a bestseller by the way in America, years ago) They demanded that the government put in a Pure Food and Drug Administration to check the claims of the drug companies, and they did. They got that in. Now it’s run by people of the drug companies. Everything becomes corrupt. Everything we touch.”


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