The Right Kind of Water

Water is, well, essential. We are made of mostly water. And there are lots of waters out there. What kind is the RIGHT kind for your body? How can you optimize your health?

At first, it was thought that distilled water is the best. But, I have to say that I have tasted distilled water and I don’t like it. There’s something not right there. Which led me to purchase a reverse osmosis filter and a point-of-entry filter on my house. Years later I was told that alkaline water was the bomb. I believed that for a while.

Now, I’m leaning towards “structured water”. Structured water follows the same theory as spring water. They have actually done a crystal analysis of structured water and found that there is something to the vortex of a spring. There are many ways to obtain that kind of water through your water system and this one seems to be the easiest.

Call me fickle. I just call me a relentless searcher for the truth.


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