How to Treat Cancer Naturally



As you know, I am into a healthy diet and I’ve always wondered how to treat cancer naturally. I came across this Youtube video recently that blew my mind. It’s called “The Science and Politics of Cancer” by author and speaker, G. Edward Griffin. This video took place in 2005 well before I had several friends die of cancer after going through the grueling and barbaric and immune-system-depressing medical establishment process. I wish I had seen this before then.

Griffin speaks of how the control of cancer, not necessarily the cure, (because cancer lives in all of us) has already been discovered. I had heard about it when I was a kid and it was dismissed by the American Medical Association and the FDA due to the lack of profit in it. This simple cure could have saved my friends. To think that it has been held back for profit motive makes me quite angry.

Laetrile or apricot seeds have helped millions of people recover from cancer. I say, what do you have to lose? Try it. Look at the reviews and that will tell you.

Take the time to listen to this long, but essential speech, that is intelligent and the truth. Ask yourself how many people have gotten the C word and survived 15 years later. Not many at all. There’s a reason…they are looking to destroy cancer, not work with it, not work with the part of our body that created the cancer.

Don’t listen to your doctor who is a prisoner to the system and will force you to go through chemotherapy and radiation, which makes millions of dollars for medical centers, pharmaceutical companies and doctors. This simple substance can be bought in different ways.


Check out the reviews on Amazon. You can buy the whole form of amygdalin:

how to treat cancer naturally

You can eat these. They taste like bitter almonds. Some people can’t handle it. I find it to be okay. Just a handful a day they say.


And you can buy the extract of amygdalin and it’s a small pill, this is the preventative dose at 100 mg. The dose for someone to who wants to know how to treat cancer naturally is 500 mg:

how to treat cancer naturally

Read the reviews! Does your doctor get these kind of reviews?


I’m doing both. How about you?


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