For Restaurants that Carry HFCS Ketchup

hfcs ketchup, high fructose corn syrup ketchup

I’m amazed in this day and age that high-fructose corn syrup is allowed in our products. What stuns me even more is when I go to an organic restaurant that serves hfcs ketchup. Really? You just prepared a great, healthy meal and you don’t even notice that the bottle of ketchup you placed on my table is loaded with high-fructose corn syrup? Let’s talk GMO’s and obesity, shall we?

So, I’m doing my small part by letting restaurant owners know that I don’t appreciate hfcs ketchup. I made a flyer that I cut up and keep in my wallet for every time I hit high-fructose corn syrup ketchup restaurants. And I will hold true to my promise to frequent more restaurants that care about my health.

I simply leave behind one of the 1/4 page cutouts on the table with the money or receipt.

Feel free to click on the image and print out the flyer for your wallet. Together, we can make the world a bit better, albeit more knowledgeable.


Click on the image to pull it up and print out on regular paper:

hfcs ketchup, high fructose corn syrup ketchup


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